A Thought For Food

Imagine your life less complicated, your family enjoying quality time together around the dinner table, and having more time for yourself and for doing what you truly enjoy.

If a busy lifestyle or special dietary concerns do not allow the thought and care you need in your meals, A Thought For Food--Memphis’ Premier Personal Chef Service--is here to help.

Being time-starved does not mean you have be starved for delicious, healthful, home-prepared meals—when and how you want them. From gourmet food to comfort food, every meal is thoughtfully and carefully prepared to your nutritional needs and taste specifications.


Chef Carol

Carol Borchardt is a life-long passionate cook whose background in the culinary arts began with instruction from her mother, a prize-winning cook who developed original recipes while feeding their large family. The farm-to-table, free-range and wild-caught concepts so important today aren't new to Carol--that was her family's way of life on their central Wisconsin farm.


Personal Chef Services

All personal chef services are tailored to fit your individual and family needs. Please contact A Thought For Food for an exact price quote. It would also be my pleasure to design a plan especially for you.

  • Weekly Super Fresh
  • Special Diets
  • Fresh-To-Freezer
  • All Organic
  • Entree Only
  • Gift Certificates