Dear Client,

This “thought for food” is merely a sampling of my service. As your personal chef, I will continually provide you with customized menus and new selections that I think will appeal to you. All meals are prepared to your taste preferences, allergy and diet requirements. Because everything is custom-prepared, it can be made low-fat, low in salt and in many cases, gluten-free.

If you have selected a service that includes a side dish, each entrée comes with an appropriate side dish such as fresh, seasonal vegetable, potato, rice, pasta or grain, salad, bread or simple soup.

Bon Appetit!

Chef Carol

Menu Selections

Fresh Main Course Salads
Soul-Satisfying Soups
Hearty Pasta Dishes
Pizza, Quiches and Tarts
Fresh Fish and Seafood
All-Natural Poultry
Lean Pork
Beef, Veal and Lamb
Kid Cuisine